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Two children read books while sitting atop a pile of oversized books

Digital Welcome to Reading Kit: Decoding

Help your reader develop their Decoding skills using the books, tips and activity in this kit!

Decoding is what happens when readers put together letter sounds to figure out words. Letters and letter combinations represent different sounds--like a code. To decode a word, readers have to connect letters with the sounds they represent. Help your reader practice decoding by encouraging them to sound out words when they read.

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  • Listen - Help your reader hear letter and syllable sounds by asking questions like, “Do we hear mmmmmm in the word Moon?”
  • Repeat - Reading the same words multiple times helps your reader reinforce neural pathways so they can retain new words.
  • Rhyme - Playing rhyming games, saying tongue twisters and singing help your reader hear letter and syllable sounds. 
  • Blend - If your reader gets stuck on a word, ask them to tell you the first letter of the word and the sound the letter makes. Work through each letter of the word until finally your reader can blend them all together. 
  • Wait - When your reader is trying to sound out an unfamiliar word, give them time to do so. Count to five before you offer to help. 
  • Ask - If your reader is struggling, try asking them, “You’ve gotten a bit stuck – that’s OK. What helped last time this happened?”
  • Divide - If your reader struggles with a word, cover part of the word and sound out each syllable slowly. Then string all the syllables together. 
  • Focus - Help your reader identify the vowel sounds in a challenging word. Then try decoding from the beginning of the word once again. 


Word Bingo

  • A fun way to practice reading and spelling high frequency words.
  • The exciting game format provides motivation to practice Decoding skills.
  • Adults can participate by calling out the words.
  • Check out the PDF file below for a everything you need to play Word Bingo, including instructions, printable bingo cards and a word bank!