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Two children read books while sitting atop a pile of oversized books

Digital Welcome to Reading Kit: Fluency

Help your reader develop their Fluency skills using the books, tips and activity in this kit!

Fluency happens when a reader can decode words and comprehend them at the same time. Fluent readers string together individual words to read smoothly and with expression. Read books aloud with your reader over and over again to build fluency skills.

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  • Listen - Read aloud or have your reader follow along with the audio book to hear a good example of fluent reading.
  • Find - Use the Five Finger Rule to help your child pick a book to practice fluency. Three fingers is a sweet spot for fluency development. Learn more about the Five Finger Rule here!
  • Follow - When you’re reading aloud, ask your reader to follow along by running their finger under the printed words as you read them to develop their left-to-right tracking skills. 
  • Reread Books - Encourage your reader to reread their favorite books. This helps them gain fluency. 
  • Reread Sentences - If your reader misreads a word, wait until they get to the end of the sentence. Then ask them to go back and reread the whole sentence.
  • Share - Take turns reading pages from a book. This allows your reader to hear and practice reading fluently. 
  • Choice - Let your reader pick out books. It takes practice to read fluently, and your reader will be more motivated to read books they’ve selected themselves.
  • Buddy Up - Encourage your reader to practice reading to a sibling, pet or toy. 


Reader's Theater

  • Reader's Theater encourages kids to develop reading Fluency in an engaging way.
  • Practicing their parts for a smooth performance motivates kids to read and reread words and lines, developing Fluency.
  • Adults can participate by reading a part of the script, which models fluent reading. 
  • Check out the PDF file below for a Reader's Theater script of Three Billy Goats Gruff and instructions for getting started!