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Become a Read Aloud volunteer and help children experience the joy of books and reading

Volunteer with the Denver Public Library Read Aloud Program

Apply Here to Become a Read Aloud Volunteer


  • To provide children with the opportunity to experience the love of books and the joy of reading
  • To develop pre-reading skills among Denver's preschoolers
  • To promote the use of the The Denver Public Library among preschoolers, their families and their teachers

Volunteer Qualifications

  • A love of books and the Library
  • A respect for children as unique, important individuals
  • A desire to help children learn about themselves and their world
  • A sensitivity to economically disadvantaged children and their families
  • A reliable mode of transportation
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Bilingual volunteers are especially needed

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Pick up books on the hold shelf once a week at a Denver Public Library branch
  • Prepare for storytimes by reading the books aloud before class time
  • Visit and read to a class once a week for 14 weeks
  • Read and discuss the books with the children
  • Promote Denver Public Library resources and services
  • Communicate with the teacher and Read Aloud staff

¿Te gustaría ser voluntario con el Programa de lectura en voz alta? Lee los detalles sobre el programa y los requisitos para ser voluntario (PDF). Si te interesa ser voluntario, completa esta solicitud en español (de dos partes)

Contact information:

720-865-1305 or

Becoming a Read Aloud volunteer is one of the many great ways to participate in serving our community. Visit for more about sharing the value of service.


The Read Aloud Program originated in 1988 with the Library Services Construction Act grant. It was designed as outreach to Denver's children to bring the library into their communities. Volunteers read on a one time basis.

The program expanded with more grants. Volunteers then read once a week over a period of time. This expansion allowed the volunteer reader, the teacher and the children to create a bond with each other as well as with books and stories. 

With a new grant in 1991, funds were used to create a separate Read Aloud book collection. This enabled readers to leave the books in the classroom between visits. Also the number of Read Aloud sites grew from 30 to 75 volunteers. 

Currently, volunteers read in more than 350 classrooms to approximately 6,000 children each week. Each child who participates will hear about 80 books in a 14 week session and will receive a gift book at the end. 

The Read Aloud Program is generously supported through grants from local foundations and individual donors.

Thanks to our Read Aloud sponsors!

Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation