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Child building a fort


Photo credit: Personal Creations

Artsy Activities You Can Do at Home

Here are some easy creative projects you can do with your child, using things you probably have around your home. 

Make a song cube:

(This activity is great for building fine motor skills and singing is always great for helping your child develop language!)

1. Get an empty tissue box or other small cube shaped box.

2. Decorate it with your child. Cut out some paper squares the size of each side of the box and draw things like a baby shark, an itsy bitsy spider, or other representations of their favorite songs. 

3. Glue or tape your song clues to each side of the box. 

4. Take turns rolling the song cube and sing what you land on!

Have storytime in a fort: 

All you need is a blanket and something to hold it up, like chairs or boxes (you probably know how to do this part). Check out some picture books from the library and read stories or tell some stories you know in the fort. Building a fort helps your child plan and practice using their spacial reasoning skills. 

Make a magic wand:

(Using your imagination is an important skill related to problem solving and learning. Many kids work through problems by using pretend play, such as dealing with a new sibling by pretending with their own baby.)

1. Go outside and find a good stick or roll up a piece of paper and tape it.

2. Decorate it with materials you have at home. (You can use paint, glue and glitter, wrap it in colorful yarn, or use crayons or markers to draw on your paper wand.)

3. Use your imagination and engage in pretend play. For example: Ask your child what magic power(s) their wand has. Take turns acting out different magic spells like jump up and down, turn in circles, stand on one leg, sing a song, etc.