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Image depicts Lety Out Loud book cover with a young Latinx girl writing in a notebook while a dog looks on.

Explore Lety Out Loud by Angela Cervantes

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Welcome to Book Explorers! It’s like a book club for kids that you can do anytime, anywhere. This month we’re talking about Lety Out Loud by Angela Cervantes. Find activities and discussions here.

When you’re feeling nervous or shy, what helps you feel brave? When Lety Muñoz volunteers at an animal shelter, she wants to speak up for the dogs and cats to help potential families see how great each pet is. Her first language is Spanish and sometimes English words don’t come easily to her, but she volunteers to write pet profiles, even though it’s difficult. Speaking up for animals makes Lety feel brave. Can she find her voice to speak up for herself, too?

Check out the book from any Denver Public Library location.

Librarian Liesel shares what makes Lety Out Loud such a special read:

Before you read

Explore a real-life animal shelter in this video field trip to the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California.

Discussion questions

  • Lety speaks English and Spanish. Speaking two languages helps her communicate with lots of different people. What languages do you speak? Does anyone in your family speak another language? Has anyone in your family tree ever spoken another language?
  • Lety takes care of her community by volunteering at Furry Friends Animal Shelter. What are some ways that you can take care of your community?
  • There are lots of ways to show bravery and lots of ways to work for change. How do some of the characters in this book stand up for themselves and each other?

Speak Up for Animals

Image depicts a brown dog with big floppy ears looking up with a curious expression.
Image depicts a white and gray cat sitting on a bench with paws tucked under, smiling

Can you write an animal profile, just like Lety’s profiles? Write a description of this dog or this cat. Bonus! Can you use one of the words from Lety and Hunter’s challenge? Discover their meanings by looking them up in a dictionary, like Oxford Dictionaries (available with a library card).

  • Supersonic
  • Infectious
  • Rigid
  • Colossal
  • Fusion
  • Rambunctious
  • Gush
  • Beckon
  • Scrumptious
  • Cerise

Librarian Liesel shares more about writing animal profiles:

Make some protest art

Lety is finding the courage within herself to stand up for what she believes in. Exercise your own voice by making some protest art.

Librarian Jennifer shares how to get started:

What to read next

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