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Child driving in a toy car


Car time can be one of the best parts of the day!

Car Time is Fun Time!

Time spent with your child driving around town can be rich in fun and learning! Here are some ideas of how to make car time a blast:

-Phone a Story: Program 720-865-8500 into your phone and call it when you're driving around town. Hear a story or song in English or Spanish for any age group that changes every week. You can familiarize your children with classic songs and rhymes that might have slipped your mind or listen to an enchanting tale, all recorded by DPL staff!

-Sing!: Although our bodies are strapped in while driving, our voices can soar! Sing along to your favorite songs, your children's favorite songs, make up your own, or encourage them to sing what they learned in school. Vocabularies and developing rhythm increase directly with the fun!

-Play I Spy: "I spy something red" and let the fun begin! This classic game helps children with their vocabulary and observation skills which both contribute heavily to later reading success.

-Make up stories: For younger kids, let them give you a topic and then make a story about it. Then give them a topic and encourage them to do the same. For older kids, create a story together by you and your child take turns each contributing one sentence or maybe even one word! Telling stories helps with vocabulary, imagination and getting an understanding of the structure of stories - also essential for strong readers.