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Child's hand moving small rocks in sand

Summer Writing Practice with Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Denver Public Library's Summer of Adventure is going on now. One of the Summer of Adventure activity categories for the birth through preschool age group is WRITE. You can help very young children get ready to learn to write by helping them build fine motor skills. A fun way to help young children develop their hand muscles is by playing in sand.

It’s really fun to play in warm sand outdoors--and it feels good! You can also bring the spirit of learning inside with plastic bins or cardboard shoe boxes filled with sand or other materials. Cornmeal, salt and potting soil are all great choices for this activity.  

When children use their fingers to write letters and numbers in sand, they are using their whole arm and developing hand-eye coordination. They are getting a feel for the roundness or straightness of their drawing or writing. Plus, sand is easy to erase, so it’s perfect for low stakes practice.

It’s summer! Pour some sand and play!