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Disability Pride Recommendations for Babies - Preschool

Can Bears Ski?
Antrobus, Raymond, author.
"Is Little Bear ignoring his friends when they say hi, or is something else going on? A discovery opens new doors in a tale that will delight kids with deafness and all children learning to navigate their world."-- Publisher's marketing.
It Was Supposed To Be Sunny
Cotterill, Samantha, author, illustrator.
"Laila's birthday party, perfectly planned with her autism in mind, goes awry due to a change in weather and an accident with her cake, but with the help of her mom and her service dog, Laila knows she can handle this"-- Provided by publisher.
This Beach Is Loud!
Cotterill, Samantha, author, illustrator.
"A sensitive boy gets overwhelmed by all the sights, sounds, and sensations at the beach, but his dad has a trick to help his son face these unexpected obstacles"-- Provided by publisher.
I Will Dance
Flood, Nancy Bo, author.
Eva's cerebral palsy makes it difficult for her to do many things, but she longs to dance and, finally, her dream is realized. Includes author's note and information about Young Dance Company.
Hello Goodbye Dog
Gianferrari, Maria, author.
A student who uses a wheelchair finds a way to see her dog each day in school.
I See You See
Jackson, Richard, 1935- author.
Jonah tags along when Maise takes the dog, Tinker, out, and he turns their walk into an exercise in imagination.
My City Speaks
Lebeuf, Darren, author.
"A young girl, who is visually impaired, finds much to celebrate as she explores the city she loves. A young girl and her father spend a day in the city, her city, traveling to the places they go together: the playground, the community garden, the market, an outdoor concert. As they do, the girl describes what she senses in delightfully precise, poetic detail. Her city, she says, 'rushes and stops, and waits and goes.' It 'pitters and patters, and drips and drains.' It 'echoes' and 'trills,' and is both 'smelly' and 'sweet.' Her city also speaks, as it 'dings and dongs, and rattles and roars.' And sometimes, maybe even some of the best times, it just listens"--Provided by publisher.
My Rainbow
Neal, Trinity, author.
"A dedicated mom puts love into action as she creates the perfect rainbow-colored wig for her transgender daughter, based on the real-life experience of mother-daughter advocate duo Trinity and DeShanna Neal"-- Provided by publisher.
Talking Is Not My Thing
Robbins, Rose, author.
A girl with autism who almost never speaks demonstrates how easily she communicates with her brother and grandmother through facial expressions, gestures, flashcards, and drawings.
Baby Play
Silver, Skye, 1988- author.
Illustrations and easy-to-read text portray babies playing with their loved ones.
Best Day Ever!
Singer, Marilyn, author.
A sweet dog-loves-kid/kid-loves-dog story, in which the kid uses a wheelchair, from an award-winning children's poet and talented debut illustrator.
Toesy Toes
Tsiang, Sarah, 1978- author.
This board book explores the sensations babies feel when they explore their toes.
On The Go
Turner, Brook Sitgraves, author.
"How do you like to go? The We Are Little Feminists series celebrates all of who we are. We created our On-the-Go book to help families & educators discuss mobility & ability"--Back cover.

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