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Fascinating Nonfiction Books for Developing Readers


For developing readers, the nonfiction section offers lots of great books. Reading about a topic they love motivates kids to try new books. To support reading skills, discuss new or difficult words and concepts together. Read the book out loud to your young reader and help them sound out words themselves.

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Fly Guy Presents: Bats
Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.
Learn all about bats with Fly Guy! It's time for a field trip! Fly Guy and Buzz are going into a bat cave to learn all about bats. With straightforward text, humorous asides, and kid-friendly full-bleed photographs throughout, young readers will love learning all about these nocturnal creatures
Glaser, Rebecca Stromstad.
This photo-illustrated book for early readers describes different types of airplanes and the jobs they do. Includes photo glossary and matching game.
Hurley, Jorey.
A simple depiction of a year in the life of a bird.
Hello, Baby Beluga
Lunde, Darrin P.
An introduction to the life and habitat of the baby beluga.
Castle : How It Works
Macaulay, David.
Follows the planning, construction, and ultimate testing in battle of a typical fortress with adjoining town built by the English during the Middle Ages.
Something's Fishy
McCloskey, Kevin, author, illustrator.
Some fish breathe air and some fish fly, but the most wonderful fish of all turns out to be the one you've got at home. In another offering of the Giggle and learn series, Kevin McCloskey blends science, art, and comedy to reveal the true story behind the common goldfish.
Let's Explore The Moon
Moon, Walt K., author.
Why does the moon come out at night? And what makes it shine? Find out more about the moon and why it orbits around the planet Earth. Carefully leveled text, full-color photographs, and age-appropriate critical thinking questions bring the moon to life, right before your eyes. Let's go!
Giraffe Calves
Murray, Julie, 1969- author.
Giraffe Calves explores the life of a giraffe from birth to adulthood. The title will show readers what baby giraffes like to eat, how long they rely on their mothers, and at what ages they start learning new things.
From Plastic To Soccer Ball
Nelson, Robin, 1971-
How does a sheet of plastic become a soccer ball? Follow each step in the process―from strengthening the plastic to boxing up a brand new ball―in this fascinating book!
I See Dragonflies
Nilsen, Genevieve, author.
I See Dragonflies introduces emergent readers to dragonflies while providing them with a supportive first nonfiction reading experience. Carefully crafted text uses high-frequency words, repetitive sentence patterns, and strong visual references to support emergent readers, making sure they arent facing too many challenges at once.
A Mammal Is An Animal
Rockwell, Lizzy, author, illustrator.
This nonfiction picture book about animal classification explains the characteristics of mammals. Back matter is included.

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