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Transitional Chapter Books Featuring Kids of Color


As kids develop confidence in reading, transitional chapter books (also known as early chapter books) can serve as bridges from beginning readers to longer fiction. Lighthearted stories with engaging illustrations and straight-forward plots help young readers foster motivation and excitement around books and reading - a factor that's crucial for continuing literacy. And, kids' books about characters of color serve as mirrors, windows and doors that support empathy, self-esteem, and self-knowledge.

Discover delightful early chapter books today to share with a young reader in your life!

Dragons And Marshmallows
Citro, Asia, author.
A girl, Zoey, and her cat, Sassafras, use science experiments to help a dragon with a problem.
Meet Yasmin!
Faruqi, Saadia, author.
In this compilation of four separately published books, Pakistani American second grader Yasmin learns to cope with the small problems of school and home, while gaining confidence in her own skills and creative abilities.
Make Way For Dyamonde Daniel
Grimes, Nikki.
Spunky third-grader Dyamonde Daniel misses her old neighborhood, but when she befriends a boy named Free, another new student at school, she finally starts to feel at home.
Zapato Power : Freddie Ramos Takes Off
Jules, Jacqueline, 1956-
Freddie finds a mysterious package outside his apartment containing sneakers that allow him to run faster than a train, and inspire him to perform heroic deeds.
Sofia Martinez. Abuela's Special Letters
Jules, Jacqueline, 1956- author.
Sofia is making a family time capsule, filled with pictures and mementos from their lives, to be opened in fifteen years, and Abuela contributes letters to each of her grandchildren--but Sofia is so consumed with curiosity that she decides to sneak a peak at what her letter says.
Ling & Ting : Not Exactly The Same!
Lin, Grace.
Ling and Ting are identical twins that people think are exactly the same, but time and again they prove to be different.
Making The Band
Maker, Martha, author.
After their teacher announces that there will be an upcoming talent show, eight-year-old Maddie and her best friends are inspired to form a band and use their craft skills to make their own instruments.
Pedro : First Grade Hero
Manushkin, Fran, author.
A collection of four separately published stories featuring Pedro, Katie Woo's classmate and friend.
Juana & Lucas
Medina, Juana, 1980- author.
A spunky young girl from Colombia loves playing with her canine best friend and resists boring school activities, especially learning English, until her family tells her that a special trip is planned to an English-speaking place.
The Haunted House Next Door
Miedoso, Andres, author.
When supernatural things start happening in the house timid Andres and his parents just moved into, next-door-neighbor Desmond Cole, eight, comes to the rescue.
The Alien Next Door. 1, The New Kid
Newton, A. I., author.
While his scientist-parents study Earth, second-grader Zeke tries to fit in but Harris, a classmate, notices his abilities and sets out to prove Zeke is an alien.
The Major Eights. 1, Battle Of The Bands
Reed, Melody, author.
Keyboardist Jasmine, age eight, tries to convince her bandmates, Maggie, Becca, and Scarlet, to prove themselves in a Battle of the Bands competition, despite their poor equipment.
Charlie & Mouse
Snyder, Laurel, author.
Charlie and Mouse, two young brothers, enjoy a day out together, attending an imaginary party and collecting rocks.

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