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Tips and Activities for Read Aloud Books

Check out our tips and tricks for sharing any book in our collection with your class. 

Tips and Tricks for Virtual Read Aloud 

  • Communicate with your teacher about how virtual Read Aloud will work best for both of you. (Talk about what software to use, when to meet, how long it will be, etc.).
  • Plan to make your first session a “get to know you” session where you learn the names of the children in your classroom and talk about Read Aloud and sing a song or two, to help the children feel more comfortable.
  • Test your setup with a friend or with your teacher before your scheduled Read Aloud.
  • Don’t forget to include movement activities. (They’re even more important for engagement in the virtual setting).
  • Check-in with your teacher after your first couple Read Aloud sessions to see how the children responded to the virtual format and if they have any suggestions for you.
  • Shorten your Read Aloud. Make your Read Aloud 15-20 minutes long, instead of 30 minutes. This is especially important at the beginning of the school year when children may not be used to engaging with a reader on-screen.
  • Make it interactive even if students aren’t able to directly interact with you. Ask dialogic reading questions, encourage movement as it fits with the book, etc.

Read Aloud Youtube Channel

Visit our Youtube channel for ideas on songs, rhymes and movement activities in English and Spanish. 

Check out our list of activities that you can do in your storytime that don't require singing. 

Borrow Props

Did you know you can request a set of props be sent to your local library branch for pick-up using your library card?

  • Request props using this form
  • Available props include bells, shaker eggs, scarves, finger puppets and more.
  • The checkout period is 3 weeks with up to 3 renewals.
  • Props come in sets of 20. 
  • Props should be disinfected between uses. (The library will also disinfect them when they are returned). 
  • Request a few different things so you can try them out and see what you like to use.
  • Check out our lists of activities and songs you can do with different props on our YouTube channel

Teachers Sets

Is your teacher requesting books on a specific topic? Any Denver Public Library branch can gather a set of materials (books, audiobooks, DVDs, music CDs) for teachers to check out and use in their classroom. Share this request form with your teacher, and librarians will put a set of books together for them.

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