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Contents of a Welcome to Reading kit. Four books, an activity and a tips sheet.

Welcome to Reading Kits

Are you looking for excellent books and activities for developing readers that are fun, educational and free? Check out our Welcome to Reading Kits!

Each kit focuses on an important skill for new readers to master, including Background Knowledge, Decoding, Fluency and Comprehension. Inside, you'll find four high-quality books, carefully selected activities and questions, and targeted tips for supporting your child's reading development.

Physical Welcome to Reading Kits

Level 1 Kits target readers at the very beginning of their learning-to-read journey and Level 2 Kits are meant to be the next step.

Digital Welcome to Reading Kits

Digital kits are always available for instant access online. 

For more information on supporting the emerging readers in your life, check out our Resources for Developing Readers for tips and recommendations, activities, book lists and more!